Ana, co-founder of ME TIME, embarked on a new career as a health coach after working for over 22 years as a special needs teacher.  An avid sports, yoga and nutrition devotee, she strives to balance the many challenges of modern life, being a super mom, wife, and career professional. She focusses on helping clients find a balance between the sometimes trying realities of our everyday lives, and the many joys and mindfulness experiences that we can all benefit from.
Ana is originally Brazilian but her culture is international, with family in Canada and Switzerland.  Her philosophy at ME TIME encompasses patience, exploration, challenge and above all, helping people find their unique path in life.


Michele, co-founder of ME TIME, is a coach and speaker in the areas of mindfulness, mindful wellness and nutrition. Her popular workshop, “Search Inside Yourself" is presented to audiences in business, non-profit organizations and communities in Switzerland. 
A native of Canada, Michele moved to Switzerland in 1998 where she then became passionate about health and mindful wellness.  She is a certified coach in business and nutrition.  
In addition to Michele’s passion for working with people, as a lifelong learner, she is dedicated to the study of mindfulness and continues to deepen her personal mindfulness practice through annual silent retreats and ongoing education.  She seeks to bring a positive, kind, and caring approach to all she does and to everyone she comes in contact with. Her life philosophy focuses on generosity of exchange, openness and empathy.


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