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During our retreats, our aim is to help our clients live the healthiest lives they can, even if just for a few days. In order to reach this goal, we offer a few therapies led by some five-star people from Ibiza. 
Prices vary according to length of treatment and therapists and are not included in retreat price.  Please check individual bio for more information.

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Alison took her first massage course in 2009 and experienced a “lightbulb” moment, looking at her hands and knowing with certainty that she had finally found her path.  Helping people is what she's passionate about and it shows in her treatments. She's qualified in Swedish, Pregnancy, Advanced Deep Tissue and Qi Release massage.  She completed a 3 year Diploma course to become a Shiatsu Practitioner and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. This transformed not only her treatments but also her understanding of our physical and energetic bodies and our connection to the world around us.  She's also a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher and practices Qi Gong.  


This unique treatment combines Eastern healing with Essential Oil massage.  Alison works intuitively and mindfully, reacting to what she feels beneath her hands.  She uses Shiatsu techniques to disperse and nurture the energy flow in your meridians and organs, combined with oil massage to soothe and release any physical tension.  This is a truly holistic and deeply nurturing experience that will leave you feeling profoundly calm and balanced in mind, body and spirit.


This Traditional Chinese Medicine technique is highly effective when your muscles feel locked from chronic tension.  The suctions cups are placed on specific areas and a vacuum is created to draw out stagnant energy.  Whilst the cups are doing their job, Alison will treat the rest of your body to ensure the blockages are cleared out and to leave you feeling relaxed and rebalanced.  Please be aware that the cups will leave marks on your skin that can last for about 5 days.


Shiatsu is a Japanese healing therapy that is similar to Acupuncture, but without the needles.  As pressure is applied to various points along your Meridian lines you’ll feel energy being released or drawn in, depending on what your body needs to bring it back into balance.  It’s a blissfully relaxing experience that can help relieve muscle and joint pain, digestion problems, stress, anxiety and insomnia. You remain fully clothed as there’s no use of oil and the treatment is carried out on a comfortable mattress on the floor.




Some years ago, in what I call my ‘previous life’ the stress of the ‘rat race’ brought me to breaking point. Ignoring the signs and two massive burnouts later, which resulted in debilitating anxiety and deep depression, I realised that I couldn’t go on living like this; there had to be more to life.  And so began a liberating journey of discovery – incorporating meditation, yoga, personal development and spiritual exploration.

I found my way out and I completely changed my life!

From experience, I know just how much stress shows on our face, how it drains us, and ages us. So I trained in facial skincare and created a remarkable treatment that is deeply healing from the inside out, showing incredible results that last for days.

Not only will you feel a deep sense of wellbeing, your skin will look amazing!

DIVINELY HEALING– A deeply, relaxing visualization to start and energy healing throughout, promotes a strong sense of wellbeing and restored balance that will support you for days. 

BLISSFULLY RELAXING–Specific massage techniques lift and tone facial muscles and stimulate the blood circulation, pumping oxygen into the cells. Lymphatic drainage helps to release toxin build up and revives tired eyes.  Tension in the shoulders, neck, just melts away under my hands.  Acupressure around the jaw and skull helps to release tightness and pressure that often cause headaches.  A foot rub completes the treatment and soothes tired feet. 

SUPER ANTI-AGEING– Using the best of natural products, your skin is cleansed, exfoliated, hydrated and fed vital vitamins, essential oils and anti-oxidants assisting in the regeneration of your cells – you don’t need to do anything.




Carolina is a Kundalini yoga instructor who uses breathing techniques, meditation and T.O.V.E massage (Thai, Oil, Vibration, Energy) as part of her therapies.
After years of experience with the spirit and the body, she became interested in getting a closer look at the mind from a different perspective. She entered the world of Transpersonal Psychology in a Master degree at the Phillipus Thuban University,
Carolina loves nature and the balance between health and wellbeing.  She also loves working with her hands, which she uses to deeply heal the body, mind and soul.

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